Keith Urban Pulled A Fan On Stage, But It was The Fan Who Put On A Killer Show!

This guy is so good!

#3 The Relationship Between A Star And Fans

#3 The Relationship Between A Star And Fans

Movie stars, music stars, sports stars and almost any kind of celebrity there is. What do they all have in common?


Truth be told, they are a big part of a celebrity's stardom. The fans are what make a person a star.

It's beautiful relationship. One that's oddly satisfying and sometimes not.

#2 You gotta love Keith Urban

#2 You gotta love Keith Urban

It's a vital factor to maintain a good relationship between the star and his fans. Because a star has a lot to give back to his fans, especially considering how they worship him and all.

And Keith Urban has mastered this art excellently. Recently at a concert, he came across a girlfriend who wanted to give the ultimate gift to her boyfriend-A chance to perform with Keith Urban.

And so Keith made it happen! Check out the entire video ahead

#1 And the boyfriend was absolutely a dynamite!

And Keith Urban thought so too!

After welcoming Rob Joyce from Berlin, Massachusetts on to the stage at Gilford, New Hampshire, Urban handed over his own guitar to the birthday boy.

After which he quite sincerely proceeded to rock the whole thing! He said before that it was his dream to be Keith Urban's back up guitarist. And after watching this video, I am hoping he got the job!

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