Habits that you should adopt for a better lifestyle

Good habits have us live a healthy,positive and successful lives.Sometimes its easier for us to take the easy route in life,but in reality we should all be doing our best to enhance our lives,bodies and minds.Having good habits ca help us achieve this. The good thing about habits is that..

#5 Smile Please!

#5 Smile Please!

A smile is considered to be a very positive emotion that not only makes your personality more appealing and boosts confidence but is also of a very great help during stress. It is considered the best stress therapy that costs nothing.

The study by a couple of psychological scientists from the University of Kansas suggests that even a forced fake smile works. Smiling during stress automatically sends a message to your mind which changes your neurochemistry. These changes bring a lot of good change in your health.

There is something about this beautiful curve that makes us feel and look better even when life hits hard.

#4 Thank the Almighty!

#4 Thank the Almighty!

When you look around, you may see many people are going through a lot. No doubt the world is a beautiful place but every person is suffering or is mourning over a big loss. If you are blessed with just getting stressed over materialistic loss then just thank the Almighty of showering you with the blessing of a family, true friends, a three-time meal and a shelter to live. Just try to spend at least twenty to thirty minutes every day to make a list of all the things you are grateful of and you will know that life ain't that bad.

Read this list during the time of stress and you will be filled up with strength to fight back stress and positive thoughts will surely kill the stress monster. Appreciating what you have is good because not only you make yourself feel positive and blessed, people around you will also be happy as it will automatically express how important and special they are to you.

#3 Pamper Yourself With These Simple Hacks!

#3 Pamper Yourself With These Simple Hacks!

One good habit that is a must to adopt is keeping your skin clear. If you are tired of those hard to clean pores just try this out and thank us.

Take a bowl and squeeze out the juice of a whole lemon. Add baking soda and stir till you get a creamy paste. Take a q-tip and apply this on your skin and get a stunning skin within a few days.

Pamper yourself with a hot oil massage at weekends and look after yourself. Do not wear too much of makeup. Apply SPF before you step out. Use good perfume. Drink plenty of water and look after your acne and pimples. Apply ice on your pimples.

Pamper yourself with these habits and within weeks you'll see a gorgeous person whenever you look into the mirror.

There are more such mandatory habits to must adopt. Continue head.

#2 Wake Up Early!

#2 Wake Up Early!

Well! This may not be easy for people who are night owls but believe me this is one such habit that you should give a try. Just wake up before the sunrise. Jump out of your bed and do a little exercise amidst nature or walk on the sand with naked feet. This will also help you complete a lot of chores which you always save for some another time. This habit is an energy booster. You may also do some Yoga and feel all energetic the whole.

A research conducted by Texas University has identified that early risers score much better than late risers. Not only this, people who walk up early stay happy for a longer duration of life.

#1 Get seven hours of sleep!

#1 Get seven hours of sleep!

The wake up early thing won't work if you do not sleep early and get seven hours of sleep to enhance your health. According to National Sleep Foundation, sleep is very important for the well-being of a human body.

When you take a good sleep, refreshed instead of being grumpy and hard to bear.

Less sleep leads to obesity and a sleep deprived person tends to consume more calories. Not only this, people who catch less sleep have greater risks of heart disease and stroke. So, it is better to snuggle yourself in bed and have a sound seven hours of sleep rather than facing depression (yes! less sleep even leads to depression) and strokes and looking scary with those panda eyes.

These might not solve your problems, but you will surely get the strength to fight back stress which in turn will help you focus with a much clear mind to get them solved.

Happy life! :)

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