4 Minutes, 28 Days- A New Body

This is the most popular and effective excercise routine that is being followed across the globe.

#3 The Most Popular Exercise Across The World

#3 The Most Popular Exercise Across The World

This exercise is really the most efficient exercise across the world which does not need any complex machines. You can easily do it at home and get guaranteed result in just 28 days! What's best? You only need to spare 4 minutes from the 24 hour day!

Read it till the end to know how to do and the benefits of this wonderful exercise!

#2 Benefits of Plank

#2 Benefits of Plank

There are a lot of benefits of the plank pose, the best one among them is the toned buttocks! It will give you perfectly shaped buttocks.While plank is one of the best exercises for core conditioning, it also works your glutes and hamstrings, supports proper posture, and even helps in improving balance.

So, now that you the benefits of the plank pose, let's look at the method of doing it! Go ahead and check out the entire video on how to do a plank pose!

#1 The Way Of Doing A Plank

The video shows the method of doing a plank pose. It can be done at home easily. All you'll need is a yoga mat to do it with ease. It should be done with empty stomach in the morning or evening. One should maintain the same position for at least 3-5 minutes for best results!

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