Woman Is Shocked When Soldiers Refuse To Buy Lunch, But She Never Thought THIS Would Happen


#3 Amidst The Journey.

#3 Amidst The Journey.

This lady was about to begin her journey on board delighted with the fact that she had a good book to read during the flight!

Next she noticed a group of soldiers heading towards her and soon they all were seated surrounding her. So, she decided to start a conversation with them to have a smooth trip.

After a while there was an announcement for lunch to be served for 5 dollars. But then something surprising happened..

#2 She Did A Bit From Her Side.

#2 She Did A Bit From Her Side.

The soldiers agreed on to avoid lunch as 5 dollars seemed too much to pay for a meal. She was stunned to see this and went to hostess, paid 50 dollars for the soldiers' lunch. The hostess, all teary eyed, thanked for the kind gesture while providing her the meal from the first class.

Post meal, while she went to the washroom, a guy from behind approached her, asking to contribute half of the share for what she'd done and gave her 25 dollars. As she was seated, a flight captain came searching for her and meeting her, he thanked for her act of greatness followed by a loud applause from the co-passengers.

But this wasn't the end..something interesting happened towards the end of the journey..Read ahead to know..

#1 En-route Happiness.

#1 En-route Happiness.

Later, when she was waiting in the aisle to move out, another person shook hands and gave 25 dollars. By the time she was out of the plane she saw the group of soldiers and gave her those 75 dollars she'd received from the co-passengers, assuring that they get proper meals by the time they reach their destination.

To her, this was very little for what these great people do for us. Headed in the car, she prayed for their safe home returning. Now, this is truly heart warming!

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