VIDEO: What His Father Did For His Kids Proves That There Is Nothing A Parent Wouldn't Do For Their Kids

These three youngsters are among the heaviest on the planet and eat enough in a day to put most developed men in disgrace.

#3 Fathers Are Always A Hero For Their Kids.

#3 Fathers Are Always A Hero For Their Kids.

Parents are placed next to Gods. This is by all accounts true for the story you'll be reading in next few minutes. It is the most touching story you'll read today..

Undoubtedly, every kid is special to his parents. They'd do anything and everything to make their children happy and comfortable. This is what a man, Rameshbhai Nandwana from Gujarat, India, father of four did to his children.

#2 Pampered Kids.

#2  Pampered Kids.

Ramesh comes from a low middle class family. He has three daughters and a son, the last three being in the category of heaviest beings alive on Earth. Even though their health has worsened at this early stage, this daddy still works harder to pamper his children to avoid their cheerlessness. The amount of food these kids gulp individually would be enough to feed one person for 2-3 days. They are at a stage where they need immediate treatment

He makes sure they get the best treatment and to make it possible he is even ready to do the ANYTHING! This really proves that there is absolutely nothing that a parent would not for their child.. Read ahead to know what he is ready to sacrifice for his kids.

#1 Nothing Can Stop Him.

Even if he earns INR 3000/month, Ramesh is ready to sell one of his kidneys if required, to combat his kid's treatment. With the continuously declining condition of his kids there is absolutely no alternative for him.

Watch his entire story in the video below.

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