This Mother Seems Happy Taking Her Child To School. Look More Closely, You Will Not Believe..

Time is gold

#3 Motherhood

#3 Motherhood

Mothers are the epitome of innumerable sacrifices they make for their kids. But, sometimes, even they want to break-free from the regular mundane lifestyle. Though they may seem happy arranging everything for their kids, but deep in their thoughts, they also desire to relax a bit.

While taking her daughter to the school, this mother also had similar thoughts. She cant stop thinking about all that she has to do to for her kids, from bringing groceries to leaving the kids to the school; her clock is scheduled according to them. She also has a younger son who would cry relentlessly all night making it difficult for her to relax.

But there is something more beautiful that gives her strength. She writes a splendid letter to tell the world about it.

#2 For the Last Time

#2 For the Last Time

This poem, "For the Last time" is an eye-opener for all those mothers who thinks they are sacrificing too much of themselves for their kids. It is a beautiful aversion from what you might expect. The essence of her feelings is best captured by the words that she uses to describe them. She takes you through the journey of being a mother and tells you why it is worth it!

She writes,

"From the first time you hug your baby, you'll never be the same person.Maybe you long for the person you were before. When you had freedom, time. And nothing in particular to worry about. You will know fatigue like never before. And the days will run together as if they were all the same, filled with feedings and burps.

Diaper changing and crying. Complaints and arguments.Naps or lack of naps. It may seem like an unending cycle.

But do not forget..

Read ahead to know the best advice that this mother has to offer

#1 The Best One

#1 The Best One

...There is a last time for everything.
The day will come when you feed your child for the last time. They will sleep on your lap after a long day. And it will be the last time you hug your child while they are sleeping. One day, you will carry them on your hip and then put them down. And after that, you will never pick them up in the same way. You will wash their hair one evening in the bathtub. And from that day on, they will want to bathe by themselves. They will hold your hand to cross the street.

And then they will never ask for it again. They will slip into your room in the middle of the night for a cuddle. And suddenly it will be the last night they wake you up. One afternoon, you will sing "The wheels on the bus" to them and do all the movements. And then you will never sing that song again.

They'll give you a goodbye kiss at school, and the next day you will be asked not to go anymore. You will read one last story to them while they are in bed and clean one last dirty face. They will run and throw themselves into your arms for the last time.

The fact is, you never know when that last time will come. Until there are no other times. And even then, it will take you a while to realize.

So while you are living in all of these moments, remember there is only a small number of them and when they are finally gone, you will give anything to relive any one of them."

It is the best thing that I have read so far..Truly amazing!

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