This Guy Hits His Girlfriend, Watch What He Gets In Return.


#5 Before you continue, here are a few facts for you to read

#5 Before you continue, here are a few facts for you to read

1. Women aged between 18 and 34 are at a higher risk of suffering from domestic violence.

2. Over 4 million people are victims of domestic violence every year.

3. In 2 out 3 female homicide scenarios, the murderer is a family member.

Now that you know this.....

What would you do if you saw a boyfriend hit his girlfriend right in front of your eyes?

#4 It starts out normally.

#4 It starts out normally.

It starts out normally, a boy and girl talking in the parking lot. But then you notice things escalating pretty quickly. The guy is screaming all of a sudden.

The girl tries to calm him down while trying to hold her own.

Things are getting tense and you feel a fight brewing. And the fighting starts just like that!

#3 She disappointed, him furstrated

#3 She disappointed, him furstrated

And the man just keeps on getting angrier and angrier. There are some aggressive had gestures being used on both sides. The boy more so.

Then you get the first signs of things getting really out of hand....

The guy is getting all offensive and using a lot of physical movements. The girl has quietened down. She's scared and terrified of the man in front of her.

#2 Someone should have stepped in by now...

#2 Someone should have stepped in by now...

Yet no one has......

The fighting goes uninterrupted. The men then draws his right hand away in order to punch the girl. The girl goes still for a moment. She's helpless. She's terrified.

The boy's clutched hand comes down to hit the girl...

She bends and covers her head. Obviously trying to protect herself. But she is still going to get hurt. No one stepped in to help until...

Check out what happened next ahead! Absolutely worth it!

#1 Until your friendly neighborhood Spiderman saves the day!

#1 Until your friendly neighborhood Spiderman saves the day!

Go Spidey!

No, this wasn't some kind of prank or anything. It was a real life scenario, which these skilled actors brought to life in order to spread awareness about domestic violence.

Be a hero!

The whole purpose of this act was to encourage people to step in to help those women in need. Be someone's hero. You have no idea how much they need your help.

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