This Couple Were About To Have A Baby But Others Told Them Get It Aborted Because Of The Father's Condition!

With love anything is possible.

#3 Meet Simon Moore

#3 Meet Simon Moore

A man just like any other but lives an extraordinary life.

He suffer from a condition called Treacher Collins. Because of this genetic problem,his facial structure is very different from other people. It's not uncommon for him when people stare at him in the street because of his condition.

Many people predicted that Simon would not be able to lead a normal fulfilling life. Which meant getting married and having a family of his own.

But they were wrong.

Because not only got married but also had a daughter.

But their story is far from perfect.

#2 The Baby they wanted but no one wanted them to have it

#2 The Baby they wanted but no one wanted them to have it

Simon not only found the woman of his dreams but also married her.

As if that hadn't shocked people enough, they announced they were expecting a baby!

But people didn't receive this news well at all. Because the fact was that there was a high chance that the baby would have Simon's condition as well.

The poor couple instead of being well-wished was targeted with harsh judgement.

It hurt the pair a great deal. But those closest to them supported them in this new journey towards starting a family. See the heartfelt video ahead..

#1 They tried everything they could to make sure that the baby didn't have Treacher Collins Syndrome.

They realized a YouTube video with the following statement-

Simon Moore, 30, who’s also profoundly deaf, has always been bullied and would hide indoors to avoid the stares of strangers. His life changed when his hearing dog Foggy, introduced him to Vicky, 36, at a sign language class five years ago and the pair married in 2012. The wanted a family so started IVF and made the decision to keep baby Alice when tests showed she also had the condition known as Treacher Collins Syndrome (TC). They had been offered a special IVF process which included state-of-the-art preimplantation genetic diagnosis to screen for the TC gene that Simon carried. The treatment would search for and destroy any embryos that carried the faulty gene.

But before they had received any results, they had decided that they would keep the baby no matter what the reports said.

Many criticized them for their decision. In response they released this video.

See for yourself, the love they want their daughter to have and why they did what they did.

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