This 6 Year Old's Performance Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes!

Fighting a rare disease, this little one has managed to tell the world - Yes, You Can!

#5 The Introduction

#5 The Introduction

Kids posses immense power to move us with their little gestures and actions - sometimes it is just on stage. What you will see here will bring tears to your eyes, not only because it is cute, but also extremely moving!

Taking dance as her means of expression, this 6 year old fights a horrible, life altering disease!

#4 Audrey Nethery And Her Inspiring Journey!

#4 Audrey Nethery And Her Inspiring Journey!

Audrey Nethery,6, suffers from a rare form of a Bone Marrow Diseases called Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA). Already having undergone over 20 blood transplants and other health issues in this short span of life, Audrey never lost hope!

If she ever took anything from the chaos life threw at her, it is the spirit to fight!

Read On To Know More About Her Struggle!

#3 The Disease

#3 The Disease

Diamond–Blackfan anemia (DBA) occurs in infancy and is characterised by decreased red blood cells production. The disease also causes issues in progenitor cell production i.e cell multiplication reduces considerably!

Abnormalities observed with DBA are cleft palate, limb-urogenital-cardiac abnormalities, leukemia, susceptibility to other ailments etc.

#2 The Fight

#2 The Fight

When Audrey started dancing and expressing herself through music, her parents Julie Haise and Scott Nethery took it up as an opportunity to create awareness about Audrey's ailment and help those like her!

What followed were immensely popular and viral Youtube Videos, a super active social media presence, proceeds to Diamond Blackfan Anemia Foundation etc. She sure had struck gold!

Watch Her Heart Warming Video Here

#1 The Video

There are millions of videos on the Internet but very few of them possess this capability of making your heart and brain weep at the same time and this video is one of them.

Checking this video out isn't an option but a compulsion for all of you. So here, take a look!

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