Lady Saves A Stray Dog Who Was A victim Of A Car Wreck But Later Found Something Heart-Warming News!

.....found something stunning.....

This story of Kathy Wilkes-Myers and the dog she discovered will leave you teary-eyed and full of hope at the same time. This is how it started.

She was walking along the highway when she found this Rottweiler along the side of the road. Since she had always been cautious of street dogs, she stayed away. But she noticed something was different about this particular dog.

When she moved closer for a better view, the dog leant against her leg for a pet. She figured the dog must have been lost or abandoned. Clearly, she didn't look healthy. Kathy named her Ella and took her home. But for some reason, Ella kept nagging at her.

One fine day, it randomly clicked. Kathy was struck with the news of a bad car wreck that happened at the very same spot. The spot at which she found Ella.And putting two and two together, she found a connection. In a quest to solve the mystery, she took Ella to the same spot. And she was surprised.

Ella started to tug at the leash, she had collected and hidden the personal things of the family that was found in the wreck. Kathy decided to find if the family survived and return Ella to her family. She contacted the highway patrol and got the information. Fortunately, the family had survived and were looking for Ella too. Happy reunion indeed.

Watch the stunning story now.

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