The Girl Who Died Beautifully! Check out the whole story.

Life is but a fleeting moment.In a blink of an eye, you go from infant to a toddler,then from adolescent to a preteen, from teen to your twenties and then from middle age to old age if you are lucky.Now it is overwhelmingly obvious that regular exercise and lage clean diet will result in b..

Life is unpredictable. Technology may have advanced a lot but one thing which technology cannot amend or affect is the time you'll leave the world forever.

But to make this fact a bit simpler, accept your end and live your life without much trouble or stress.

A girl from the Philippines is all over the Internet because of her last wish. Late Racine Pergunta descended to heavens on 17th of April. She fulfilled her heart-wrenching wish which is sure to melt your heart.

Racine, a 20-year-old student and a model from Davao City in the southern Philippines, was suffering from osteosarcoma, type of cancer that starts with bone as it produces immature bone.

It is usually found at the end of long bones such as around the knee. It is diagnosed more in men than women and is usually found under the age of 25.

Although there are no tell-tale signs of osteosarcoma, some symptoms include pain in the affected area, soreness and may even develop into a limp.

When Racine felt that her time to leave was approaching, she started planning her own funeral which is very heartbreaking.

Her sister, Royle Pregunta had updated on her social media account asking for financial help for her sister's cancer treatment. After Racine's death, Royle also updated her sister's funeral pictures which were very heartbreaking. These pictures went viral, breaking the hearts of many.

Read what Royle wrote about her sister's funeral, her demands and wishes and see how peaceful and fascinatedly pretty she looked in her coffin and what inspired her to demand such a unique last wish.

This beautiful woman had wished to 'die beautifully' inspired by the award-winning Filipino drama "Die Beautiful" starring Paolo Ballesteros where the transgender died being crowned as the winner of the Beauty Pageant.

Let me tell you how Racine prepared her departure. It was April 12, 2017... Before she informed everyone that she's ready to go. She had these requests: An off- shoulder white dress and a white flower band. The next day, she asked for something that's Violet, Blue and Mint Green. The following day, she said she wants to lay beside Papa. She added: "If I die, I want to die BEAUTIFUL." And had personally requested for Ate Gladys to do her make- up (who is her personal make- up artist). After her sister's death Rolyn posted on Facebook: "Today, request fulfilled and there all I see is you, smiling."

Racine had planned her own funeral where she requested to be dressed in a white off-shoulder dress and a white headband. Racine also requested her sister Royle that she wanted to be buried next to her father's grave. However, she was then buried on top of her father's burial in a plot as the one next to his grave could not be arranged.

Royle took charge of all her wishes and fulfilled them with the help of her family. She updated "On the way to the sunset, friends and family gathered and bid their last farewell to Racine who now sleeps beautifully forever. You will always remain in our hearts." It's heartbreaking to learn that such a beautiful soul retired from this life very early and planned her funeral as well.

Hope the soul of this very, very beautiful girl rests in peace. A brave girl she was that she accepted and welcomed her death in a very beautiful manner. RIP Racine!

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