She Got Furious When The Guy Texted Her This, Her Reply Was Read By Millions.

Her reply was impeccable.

#3 Being Sporty!

#3 Being Sporty!

We live in a world where sports is still a guy's thing. And if a girl describes herself as a sports lover, she is taken as joke. Similar incident happened to Megan Brown who seem to be a big time baseball lover.

She was conversing with a guy she had met on some dating app. This guy couldn't settle for the fact that she was a sports fan! He'd never in his life known any girl who is a die hard sports follower.

This wan't the end, look what he had dared her to do..

#2 A Bang On Reply.

#2 A Bang On Reply.

To check her dedication, he quizzed her by asking the name of the National League East team within a time span of 10 seconds with no googling.

This seemed a bit humiliating to Megan, his love was being cross checked after all. He replied him in such a way that he couldn't reply her back.

Keep reading to know what this girl replied back! What a fitting reply! She also posted the entire thing on social media captioning, "When meeting or dating guys, it's common for them to attempt to quiz women to test if they really are sports fans. This guy was someone I met on of a dating app, we had started texting & he asked me that question."

#1 Well Served Back Talk.

#1 Well Served Back Talk.

Megan's reply was appreciated by thousands of people, her post was re-tweeted by many. In her defense, she said," It seemed pretty condescending plus it was something SO basic it was kind of insulting. Instead of responding with the teams (first instinct) or ignoring, I decided to have a little fun. I love baseball & I love puns, so at the very least I knew I would make myself laugh.He STILL hasn't responded. That said I don't know if I would either at this point."

Way to go girl!

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