Rude Customer Mocks Bag Boy With Special Needs. Now Watch The Lady In Red Behind Him.

This is unbelievable.

#3 Difficult Situations

#3 Difficult Situations

People have really lost the patience to deal with each other these days! There are several stories to account for this in the recent times. So, to study the human behavior these people organized a special setup!

Now, how would you react if you are at a store, standing in queue at the billing counter and a guy starts yelling the store boy as he is abide by down syndrome ? Difficult situation, right?

These people from 'What Would You' checked in to see how people would react if they fall under such situation.

What this lady did is beyond expectations!

#2 What She Did Was Commendable

#2 What She Did Was Commendable

Though the person accusing the store boy was an actor, the customers were all real. So when this lady actor starts bitching about that poor store boy, who also tends to be an actor, the woman next to her taught her a lesson of kindness, went forward, and hugged the store boy.

Seeing them that way will surely melt your heart, but this wan't the end.. catch the entire action in the video ahead..

#1 He Had Their Back

Completely unaware about the show set up thing, most of the crowd came up to the actors and yelled back at them, letting them know that the store boy wasn't specially challenged..Least did they know that there actions were all caught by the hidden cameras

Watch the entire video to see how he had all the support.

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