Pregnant Mom Works Two Jobs To Feed Family. Then Her Boss Says He's Made A Change To Her Paycheck

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#3 The Super Mom

#3  The Super Mom

Being a mom is really tough and when you have added responsibilities with it, it gets immensely hectic! Being pregnant while at work is no easy task and this mom does not just one but two jobs to feed her family!

Tami Forbe is the hard-working mom who choose to step out of her comfort zone and work not just a bit extra but twice more than her work in hope to earn a few extra bucks that could help her family survive.

#2 She did this..

#2 She did this..

Tami Forbes, a store manager at Key West Key Lime Pie Company, handles everything from marketing to inventory. Despite of the fact that she works really hard, she only gets $300 per month! This amount was just not enough to look after all the expenses back home since now not only she is the mother of an 8-yr old but also carrying a baby!

To make both ends meet, Tami opted for working more than 9 nine hours. After completing her nine hours work shift at the company, she would then work as a bartender on the side to supplement her income!

One day, she got a brilliant surprise.. Read on to know what happened next!

#1 She Deserved It

Tami got a brilliant surprise when the business was featured on the popular CNBC TV show The Profit, where self-made millionaire Marcus Lemonis puts his own money on the line to fix small businesses. There, after talking sufficiently about how to improve the business and make it more profitable and efficient, Lemonis offered Tami 6 months of pay, which left her absolutely surprised!

But this was not the end, Lemonis also promised that when she would be back after her maternity leave, she would be fully in-charge of the store and would handle everything on her own and that would obviously mean a significant increase in her wage!

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