No Matter What's Happening In Your Life Right Now, You Must Read This Short Story!

This surely will get you back on your feet when you're out of your self-worth.

#3 He Tries To Find His Answer.

#3 He Tries To Find His Answer.

In everyone's life, there comes a point when you feel wasted and all your morale and self-worth finds no home inside you.

This is what exactly had happened to this guy, so he decided to quit his life but before that, he gives a last try and goes into the woods to find answers to his questions from God. He wants to know one good reason not to quit.

Its the best story I have read..

#2 And His Almighty Did Had All The Answers.

#2 And His Almighty Did Had All The Answers.

God replied him, telling him about the bamboos and ferns he'd planted. It took a lesser time for ferns to bloom out and 5 years for the bamboo sprout to come out but the man never gave up on either of it and all this while he watered them equally and nurtured them impartially.

And then one fine day, five years after the seeds were sowed, the bamboo springs up. God continues, the reason bamboo took so long was because it was build up long roots to give strength when it grows 100-meter tall in the next six months.

The lesson of this short story is amazing..keep reading to know..

#1 Miles To Go Before You Sleep.

#1 Miles To Go Before You Sleep.

To sum up, the Divine Being said, that all this while when his life wasn't worth his expectations is only because he had been building strong roots to rise high. To this the man asked "How high How high should I rise?". Almighty said, "How high will the bamboo rise?". The man without much surety said, "As high as it can?".

All God had to say to this was "Yes! Give Me glory by rising as high as you can." All He wanted to convey to this man was to never give up, everyone's day will come, if not sooner than later. But it will. Believe in God. He'll there for you every single moment.

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