Muslim Girl Texted Her Dad That She Wants To Remove Her Hijab! What Her Dad Replied Has Won Hearts!

That's really sweet!

With changing times, people’s mindset has also changed. Wearing a Hijab has become a controversial issue. Some have the opinion that it is a symbol of repression rather than a symbol of pride. Between all this, a pleasant conversation between father and daughter is winning hearts.

A Muslim girl Lamyaa of 17years is from Pennsylvania. She texted her dad who resides in Saudi Arabia that she doesn’t want to wear her hijab. Her dad’s reply has made us trust in the fact that there is so much beyond “Religion”.

Lamyaa was in a social media group in which people were discussing about “Trump and Islam”. A guy disgraced Lamyaa and said that if she won’t wear a hijab, her father would punish her. In order to make things right, she thought of messaging her dad and see what he had to say.She asked her dad if she could not wear her hijab. Her dad’s reply was heart-warming.

Read on to know what her father replied..

Her dad replied to that message saying that it was completely her choice and that it was in no way his decision to make. He extended his support to her no matter what. Twitter went crazy over the reply as it was proof of breaking stereotypes and how people are defined more than religion.

Well, clearly, such practices are subject to the choices of the people practising it. It should not be made mandatory in the name of religion nor it should be tagged as a repressive practice. Each human should have a choice and decision of his own!

That was really sweet of her father to do the same.

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