Mom Texts Dead Son's Number To Cope With The Grief, Gets A Reply That She Wasn't Expecting.

Help arrives in the strangest way possible.

#5 Parents And Children

#5 Parents And Children

No parent should ever have to watch their child die. That is perhaps the most cruelest thing that could happen to a parent. To a mother.

But when it happens anyway, a mother dies...inside. And that's how it was for Carole Adler who lost her 21-year-old son Taylor Thyfault recently.

Taylor Thyfault was an army veteran even though he was so young and was in the final stages of his police cadet training when he died.

#4 Taylor's Wishlist

#4 Taylor's Wishlist

Taylor Thyfault wasn't quite like others, he didn't want to be rich or famous. His wishlist proves that. They were things that tell how much of a big-hearted man Taylor was.

And his mom knew he going to do everything on his wishlist, simply because he was perfectly capable of doing them and more.

But she now regrets that he will not get to do all those things he wanted to do.

#3 A Hero

#3 A Hero

Thyfault along with Trooper Clinton Rushing was investigating a crash on the Colorado Highway 66 near Weld County on May 23, 2015. They were warned of a high-speed police chase heading their way and so they set up measures to stop the suspect.

Unfortunately, the driver missed the stop sticks and crashed into both men. While Rushing was severely injured, Thyfault died on spot.

Thyfault before the impact managed to warn a tow truck driver who was at the initial wreck site and saved his life.

Adler considers her son a hero.

"And if you asked him, he'd do it again, because he sacrificed himself, for someone else," Adler said. "He lived, he dreamed and breathed that."

#2 It's hard saying Goodbye

#2 It's hard saying Goodbye

Adler realized that she was the last person Thyfault sent a text message on that fateful day. The mother-son duo was very close, communicated daily, worked out together and had coffee together on Friday morning. The mother's grief will probably never end.

"Every day, it hits me like a ton of bricks, when I can't text him," Adler said. "We're just that close. Everything that happened in his life was in my life."

After a few weeks since Thyfault's death, Adler missed her son very badly and wanted to tell him that she missed him and loved him. So she texted Thyfault's number knowing very well this was a one- way conversation. But did it anyway because it made her close to him. She continued to do so....until she got a reply.

#1 The Connection

Who was this stranger? Why did he reply? How did he get Thyfault's number?

It was one Sergeant Kell Hulsey from the Greeley Police Department who recently got a new work phone this summer. He received several messages from an unknown number, assuming it was a wrong number, he ignored them all. Until one message arrived late at night and had him respond finally.

Watch the video and see what happened next!

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