Mom At Her 40's Learns Twin Sons Suffer From Down Syndrome, Puts Them Up For Embracement

Julie McConnel remarried, was a mother of three kids from the previous marriage. She and Dan, her new husband had a son together and wanted to gift him a little baby sister. The couple got to know that Julie was pregnant with non-identical twin boys. The couple soon experienced that life doesn't work the way you want it to.

#5 Happy Couple

#5 Happy Couple

Marriage and parenthood is something every single person wishes for. Julie McConnel, a mother of three kids remarried and gave birth to her mouth child with her newly wedded husband Dan. They'd wished to gift him with a little baby sister.

Julie was expecting but life wasn't so easy. Soon they realised, life doesn't listen to your words or prayers. They learnt through ultrasounds that they were going to have non-identical twin sons.

"As women get older, our eggs start firing off willy-nilly, so we weren’t too surprised to learn that we were having twins," she shared with reporters

Also, the chances of the baby having Down Syndrome raises up to 1/100 and as they feared, the twins were affected with this syndrome.

Knowing about this early while pregnancy was something beyond their emotional handling.

The couple soon realised that it would be difficult to raise kids with special needs especially at the age of 40. So, she decided to put them up for adoption. This would probably the most mortifying decision, a mom could ever take.

#4 Checking Procedure

#4 Checking Procedure

By the time Julie and Dan knew that they were going to have twin sons, they were going through a lot.

But then again, when she had to get tested for the confirmation of Down Syndrome, she was having a hunch.

"The procedure was nerve-wracking and the ultrasound already showed several problems, including spots on their hearts and extra fluid build-up, so we weren't that surprised when we received the news two weeks later that both of the boys had Down syndrome," said Julie and added "Still, it was a terrible day and the months afterward were the most stressful and agonizing time in our lives.”

#3 Couple Found

#3 Couple Found

Julie and Dan knew that it was difficult to raise babies with special needs. They already had to take care of four children and they were at their 40's too. So, they wanted to go with adoption.

They found a couple who were ready to adopt the boys but, luck wasn't in favor for Julie and Dan. Months before... putting off the paperwork, the couple got petrified and called the adoption off.

#2 Lesson Learnt

#2 Lesson Learnt

After this, the couple decided to teach themselves about the Down Syndrome. So they connected with a local association.

"We wanted to do our due diligence, so we connected with the local Down syndrome association," she said. "They were hosting a picnic, so we went and met with some wonderful families who shared their experiences with us."

Julie versed, "It was hard for me to hear it all when I was pregnant, but I've learned exactly what they told me.... which is that it's not scary. You love your kids no matter what. When we finally decided that we weren't going to let our fear stand in our way, it was easy to make our decision."

#1 Happiest Couple

They knew that any other couple would be frivolous about their sons. Also, after connecting with the experienced, it wasn't that scary for them anymore.

"My heart came out of my chest when I saw them. I was so smitten," she said. "It's hard to imagine life without them, but I think I'd miss them every day if we had decided not to keep them."

Though they will have to go through hardships, it is their family now and they're ready to take the responsibility of Milo and Charlie.

"I had no idea what we had in these two when I was pregnant, but I'm so grateful we chose to find out. They're the bomb!" Julie said. "But if you had everything the way you chose it to be, you'd miss out on a lot of cool stuff and a lot of richness."

They are the happiest couple now !!

Watch in the video below how cute these tots look.

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