Man Made His Own Swimming Pool with Simple Things

This man started his swimming pool project using only 9 pallets, a few wood panels, and some tough waterproof plastic.

In order to beat the scorching heat of the sun during summers, this man has built his own personal swimming pool in the garden area. By using 9 used pallets along with wooden pieces and other materials, he made his own swimming pool. He takes the very first step to arrange 9 pallets in a ring shape in order to get the outer structure of the pool ready.

After building the outer structure of the pool the next step was to create the interior for which he used a few plastic liners to spread inside. This was done to make pool’s structure waterproof.

In the next step, some more sheets are wrapped inside the pool, especially in the blue shade in order to make it look livelier. In addition, an outer structure that looks with simple pallets is further covered with wooden panels.

Few more steps are left to complete this eye-appealing swimming pool.

After building both outer and inner structure of the pool, this man started with the water check test in order to see any kind of leakage.

Finally, his hard work is paid off and the pool is ready to swim with no water leakage. This man truly inspires to do things by own hands while using simple hardware and waste materials.

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