Man Dives Into Zoo Enclosure When Staff Refused To Save A Helplessly Drowning Ape

He risked everything to save the animal!

We have seen tragic events with the likes of ‘Harambe’ the Gorilla, that have shown us that when the borders of the enclosure of the zoo are intersected, the consequences are deadly.

Zoo are places that should ideally safeguard the animals present in it..but what happens when the staff refuses to offer any help.

In the year of 1990, Rick Swope was enjoying a visit to the zoo in Detroit. What he did there was amazing and yet highly unadvised. Though tragedy was thankfully missed. When Rick walked around the ape enclosure he noticed something. He saw that there was a fight between two males.

Due to the hustle, Jo-Jo the smaller one of them decided to give up and ran away. Unexpectedly, while escaping, he ended up falling into the trench. The deep trench that surrounded the outside of the enclosure was installed to protect visitors from the fatal attacks. And since the chimpanzees cannot swim, the fall was almost fatal to Jo-Jo.

When the authorities refused to offer any help, Rick did something that is unadvisable! Keep reading to know what he did..

Rick said he saw everyone standing and not doing anything, including the staff. He then decided to do something. Even though he was strictly warned to not go into the enclosure by the authorities, Rick couldn’t wait and do nothing. He immediately climbed a security fence and dived into the water, and swam toward Jo-Jo. Finally, he rescued the Chimp and saved his life.

Go ahead to check the entire video

Here's the entire video of the rescue!

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