Little Girl Gets A Bear From Her Deployed Dad, She Flips Out When She Squeezes His Hand

This video of a toddler and her teddy bear has stolen everybody's heart. The short clip on YouTube is the cutest thing ever.

Brave men and women spend their lives protecting our country. But when they get deployed for months at a time, they are often missed by their children.

Nothing can compare the relationship between a father and his daughter & no words can describe how beautiful and meaningful this bond is.

Before Drew Bert left for deployment for 8 months, he gave his sweet little daughter named Pia a special teddy bear.

Pia is daddy’s little princess, but unfortunately, her daddy can’t always be by her side all the time. That’s because the man works in the Navy and often has to go away from his family for months and months in a row.

The little girl is still too young to understand why dad has to go away for extended periods of time, so dad decided to send her something special to remind her that he is always thinking about her.

25-year-old Mom Kelly promised to wait for the whole month before giving this special gift to little Pia.

When he comes back home, he’ll be coming home to not one but two baby girls - as his wife is also pregnant with their second child due in April.

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After a month mom gave her dad's gift. It was extra special because it had a special surprise when Pia squeezes the teddy bear’s paw.

As soon as Pia pressed the bear's paw and heard her dad's voice saying "Hi, P. I love you. I'll see you soon," she started screaming, "Daddy!" She sat down on the floor and started to cuddle with her teddy. She pushed the button twice in a row before she yelled out “dad!” again.

Every time Pia pressed the toy’s hand, she was thrilled to hear her father’s voice. She hugged it close and rocked back and forth with it.

Her heartwarming reaction is proof that she really is a daddy's girl!

What a sweet gift, right?

Watch this little girl’s reaction when she receives a teddy bear with her daddy’s recorded voice…

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