Hundreds Of Students Get Together To Show The Ultimate Sign Of Respect At Teacher's Funeral

They speak through their movements as one....

#3 A Teacher

#3 A Teacher

The best part of a student's life is a teacher. Whether good or bad, teachers are a powerful force in shaping the lives of students. Imagine years after year....trying to shape a student's future one after the other while trying to inspire them in anyway possible. Showing the students that teachers were their friends and they would be there for them....That's what Dawson Tamatea an instructor at New Zealand's Palmerston North High Boys School had been. A loved teacher by all.

#2 Farewell

#2 Farewell

Dawson Tamatea was 55 years old when he passed away suddenly. He had been an instructor at the New Zealand's Palmerston North High Boys School for 30 years. He had mentored countless boys guiding them, teaching them. His acquaintances admired and respected him. His death came as a shock to many. But such a great teacher requires a truly great farewell......

#1 Haka

The boys perform the 'haka'- a traditional dance of the Maori people to scare away their enemies. But here it is done so in the ultimate sign of farewell. Mr. Tamatea was a dynamic presence at school. Watch the students give their teacher a fitting tribute using one of the most effective forms of New Zealand's culture!

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