Her Mobility Was Hampered. A Month Later, One Change Bought Her Back To Life. Incredible Transformation!

She'd lived all her life with a hunched back. Her life changed when her physical therapist had introduced her to yoga.

#3 Troublesome Pain.

#3 Troublesome Pain.

Living a healthy, fit, active life is everyone's dream. But not all are blessed to lead such life. Reports has it, over 100 million Americans are grounded with some or the other kind of pains. At times severe, at times bearable.

One such person is Anna Pesce from Orangeburg, New York. Anna has been diagnosed with severe scoliosis of her spine for several years now and has been living with her back hunched. She'd lost her ability to move and was advised for wheelchair.

She's 85 and wanted to get rid off from the pain and get her independence back. As moving all by herself was hindered due to the pain.

#2 Faith Was

#2 Faith Was

Anna was bound to move in a wheel chair because of her illnesses namely herniated disc, scoliosis, and osteoporosis which altogether made her completely immobilized and needed a hand to walk a few steps, walking up or down the stairs was beyond imagination as the pain was so immense.

She'd tried every possible way, went to countless doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and back specialists but nothing could bring her the ray of hope. Things weren't easy until she met with Rachel Jesian.

Rachael is a physiotherapist and has specialized in scoliosis. Rachael turned out to be a game changer.

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#1 Miracles Happen If You Believe In Them!

Rachael introduced her to yoga. Now we all know how incredible yoga has been to our health since ages. Rachael had got the silver lining for Anna in the form of yoga. The teacher herself had suffered from back issues and was advised for this therapy by her physiotherapist and since then she devoted herself to yoga and has now accomplished masters in therapy for severe pain and scoliosis.

After a month's hard work, Anna could not only stand on her own feet but could even do a yoga pose standing on her head, sticking to the wall, showing the V sign for victory with her feet.

Do not forget to watch the video below of this inspiring lady.

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