VIDEO: The One Choke Every Woman Must Know

This video may just save your life.

#3 They Teamed Up To Strengthen Women.

#3 They Teamed Up To Strengthen Women.

Every woman must know tha basic tricks to keep themselves safe! There are many campaigns for self training and awareness that are being promoted lately, but this is one choke move that every woman must know!

Eve Torres, former WWE champion, with her husband Renner Gracie, who belongs to a fighter family have come up with a little trick for all the women out there who can be their own rescuer when something like this happens.

#2 When You're In Trouble.

#2 When You're In Trouble.

Though the world is modernizing, woman's life still remains to face risks at some point of time. Hence Renner, son of Helio who'd given the world Brzilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Eve shoots a video showing how you can escape the trouble with a simple hack.

Continue ahead as they teach you the best self defense trick.

#1 Observe With Eyes Wide Open !

So when you are trapped in a situation like this and the attacker gets above you, apply this to choke him down and be your own hero.

See the whole video to learn basics of self defense and be your own savior.

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