He Took This Selfie In Wal-Mart But He NEVER Expected This To Happen Next

Kindness above all.

#3 A single act of kindness.....

#3 A single act of kindness.....

Can just end up saving someone's life and even their faith in humanity.

Life is not all colorful. We act as what we are and having seen what is happening around us, we agree that life is dark and never as you think it is.

Hunger is one of the biggest hardships that one faces in life. And to help someone when they are hungry is the best sort of redemption .

#2 He saw this mom and daughter...

#2 He saw this mom and daughter...

Meet Bear Taliferro Jr. This guy shared his experience at Walmart recently. Within a few hours of him posting this message, it became an internet sensation.

God puts you in the right place at the right time.

This man said that he never frequented that Wal-mart but that day he did. And there he ended up helping a woman and his daughter there.

Read his entire post in the next action

#1 Look at what he shared..

#1 Look at what he shared..

This man did something that he wasn't obligated to do. But rather because he wanted to do it.And so did the other couple who stood behind the mother and daughter.

Be kind, your actions might save a life.

When you are given a chance to be kind, be kind. Help out however you can. You just might end up saving someone's life.

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