Granny Puts Sign On Hospital Window, Then Ironworker Is Crushed When He Reads It

This is one of those stories that make you feel warm

In today’s world, we are so caught up with our own lives that we forget that a little act of kindness can really change the lives of many.

But this story will restore your faith in humanity

Gloria Porter lived in Pennsylvania. She had to spend a week at Excela Frick Hospital. She would pass time in her third-floor room by watching steel and ironworkers construct the front of the hospital. Even though they didn’t know each other, they began to get genuinely concerned about one another.

Jeff, one of the ironworkers, noticed her watching them again and put up a sign “get well”. She was astonished for she didn’t know they too have been noticing her. In reciprocation, she wrote a sign saying “Stay safe” for the ironworker

Jeff was so surprised at the sign she sent. They all wondered how did she know those perfect words that every ironworker says to one another. She had completely made the day for them. Continue reading to know what happened next

The next day the ironworkers received an envelope from a man. It seems that the lady had sent lunch money for all of them. Looking at this the ironworkers were filled with gratitude.

Many a time we forget that putting a smile on one’s face is the best gift anybody could get. Our world is so filled with hate and other negative feelings that it feels great to see the light through a dark tunnel.

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