Cop Pulls Out 5-Yr-Old Out Of Blazing Fire. Then He Looks Around And Realizes It's Not There

Now, this one is bit hysterical!

#3 This One is Itched In His Memory

#3 This One is Itched In His Memory

This incidence is a true story administered by a cop! It was during 1998 when an apartment caught fire which left the residents devastated and displaced!

Lately retired cop Peter Getz remembers this day almost as if it happened yesterday! Recalling the incidence, he tells the entire building was on a massive fire when stuck inside the apartment were 5-year-old Josi Aponte and her older cousin.

#2 He saved Josi

#2 He saved Josi

Getz and an another officer were there at the stop to assist the firefighters. When they saw Josi and her cousin who were unconscious and were all covered with smoke, he immediately went inside and rescued both of them. But when he came out, he saw that there were no ambulances who could take these two little brave-hearts to the hospital

The little girl was partially burned and was covered in soot all over her body. She was in full cardiac arrest. Hence, he ran to his car, put Josi into it carefully and shouted at his partner to drive to the hospital as he immediately performed CPR in the moving car

Fortunately Josi survived, but her cousin lost her battle against life. Getz developed a special corner in his heart for Josi and hence he kept an eye on her.

What she did years later will astound you!Keep reading to know

#1 The Guarding Angel

This officer never forgot the girl whom he saved and hence, he always made sure she was in good spirits! Initially, Josi had no clue about his watchful eye

But one day, she happened to watch her rescue video on Google and hence, she made sure to contact him! Getz felt honored that he took out time to do that! She even called him on her graduation day and it had been amazing!

Watch her rescue video here..

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