Boy Looking For His Mom In Heaven Desperately Dials 911, The Police's Reaction Brings Everyone To Tears

This made me cry..

Losing a parent is the most difficult thing that can ever happen to anyone, especially when something like this happens during the childhood.

Because, during childhood, the child not only has to bear the pain of the separation from his parent but also has to deal with the chaos and confusion as the child is unable to understand the reason why!

They are unable to understand why their parent would not cross by their door, why they won't hug them anymore and why there will be no bedtime story from them during the restless nights!

It is indeed the hardest thing for the child to bear!

The same happened with this little boy whose mom was nowhere to be seen. He was sad and confused about the chaos that was happening. He didn't even know if it was his fault that his mom left him alone!

He only knew that one day his mom went to the hospital with dad and never came back. His dad explained to him that she had gone to the heaven. So, after desperately searching for his mom, he calls 911.

Read on to know how the officer who receives his call responds him and don't forget the beautiful video in the end.

When he gets the number, an elderly police officer answers the call. Though at first, he thinks it to be another prank call but soon he realizes it's a genuine call from a heartbroken kid who had just lost his mother

Finally, the officer decides to help out the little kid and hence, he comes up with a brilliant idea to help him

Check out the video ahead to know how the officer helps him.

Just watch out video to see how beautifully the elderly officer handles the little boy. It makes me believe that kindness is still present in the world

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