Boss Raised The Minimum Salary Of Employees, They Thank Him With Gifting His Dream Car- A Tesla!

He had earlier doubled their salary and took an almost 95% paycut!

#3 Where 9-5 Is Ecstatic.

#3 Where 9-5 Is Ecstatic.

How many of you love your 9-5 job ? And more often, your boss ? Rare bunch of people, isn't it ? Everyday's brawling and rumbling, and those ruckus conversations regarding salaries and promotions has almost been a routine. Even the internet is fully loaded with a pile of such Boss-Employee matter of contention.

But this story is about to change your mindset regarding this relation. It is among those tales that lays off the misconception that not every Boss is overpowering and not all Employees has a feeling of repulsion for their head.

Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments received a heartening feedback from his staff member as a Thank you gesture.

Read the entire story below.

#2 Not All CEOs Are Pitiless.

#2 Not All CEOs Are Pitiless.

Dan Price had increased the salaries of his 120 workers to approximately, $70,000 a year. This amount, to some, were double of what they had been receiving all this while.

This wasn't all, Dan's employees were so overwhelmed that they had all decided to return his largess in a grand way. They all had saved their one month's salary to get Dan his dream car.

All of them had contributed their a month's income to get Dan a Tesla S model which he had been pondering since a long now.

This heartwarming gift was't an easy outcome as it seems to be. Read further to know what this great guy gave away for his employees.

#1 His Sacrifice Was Paid-Off Well.

#1 His Sacrifice Was Paid-Off Well.

Price had increased his employers wages by cutting down his own compensation from $1.1 million to $70,000.

The reason behind this, as per Bloomberg's reports, was to ward off any legal proceeding occurring to the company due to his brother and co-founder Lucas Price who had charged him heavily by breaching Lucas' rights. Though he was a minority shareholder, he bestowed too much money on himself and calculated all his personal expenses against the corporate account.

No matter what the news has to say, what this guy did for those 120 working souls wasn't an easy job. And he truly deserve such appreciation for his generosity. Such people like Dan are very rare to find.

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