Blind Man's Never Seen Wife Or Son Before, Breaks Down When He Sees Them For The First Time!

Vision is powerful. But for someone who has lived so long on just the other 4 senses, being able to see is nothing short of a miracle!

#5 The Disability!

#5 The Disability!

For Gene Purdie, living life like his peers must have been tough, but he coped up. Detected with Stargardt’s disease at teenage, Purdie is an inspirational story!

Stargardt’s disease is a rare ailment which causes the retina to deteriorate and makes the center of one’s vision go blurry.

#4 Adapting!

#4 Adapting!

Finding creative ways to adapt, this man from Denver, Colorado is married with a kid, Lincoln. He constantly strives to do better!

According to his wife Joy, he was still a more enthusiastic and skilled chef than she was!

#3 Life Begins To Change!

#3 Life Begins To Change!

Life changed for Gene, when Joy caught something on the Rachael Ray show. Seeing that Ray had offered to help a viewer with Starsgardt’s disease, Joy penned down a passionate letter on behalf of her husband!

Joy wrote that she "literally began shaking and crying for the next hour or more at the thought of my husband being able to see my face for the first time, to see our son for the first time."

Watch the video ahead!

#2 The Show!

#2 The Show!

Ray did pick the Purdies and they appeared on her show along with their adorable one-year-old boy, Lincoln.

The device that would help him see was a prosthetic eye device with HD cameras in it, all designed to provide a customized image for the wearer. Once the device was put over Gene’s face, he was able to see his wife and child for the first time while the video feed was broadcast to the room as well.

#1 The Video!

Gene is truly an inspiration and a reminder to everyone reading this that life is what you make of it!

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