Are We Ever Truly Alone? This Video Will Open Your Eyes...

23 Million People Watched This Happen On Stage--When I Saw Who's Standing Behind Her, CHILLS....

#3 In the eternal fight between Good vs. Evil....

#3 In the eternal fight between Good vs. Evil....

Humans are often called as pawns. But no, we are more than just pawns. Because we are the whole reason God and everything else is fighting in the first place. So that's what this skit from Lifehouse starts to tell us in the beginning.

But then no one saw this coming...

#2 23 Million people stood speechless...

#2 23 Million people stood speechless...

The skit opened with the usual stuff. But as it progressed, the audience was pulled in more and more by what they saw. An ordinary skit was becoming something more. And then something happened...

Check out the video in the next section..It is indeed worth a watch!

#1 No one was expecting this..

The skit shoved people something that they had forgotten. Reminding them how God fights for us, how God protects us and how God loves us. And since its posting, 23 million people have felt their heart moved by this video.

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