A Tale Between A Family And A Homeless Man....It Ain't Nothing Like What You Have Seen Before!

The husband's action changed the lives of the family forever.

#3 Celebration

#3 Celebration

It is that time of the year again when families are closer than ever and the spirit of Christmas high. It's all about giving. And we do give! We give money to buy the decorations for the tree and house, give for the gifts that will be exchanged and give for the food that will be enjoyed later. We give and give and give. But are we 'giving' in the right manner? Of course it's all in the holiday spirit but is that all? Before you answer, here's a video you need to watch!

#2 Gentri-The Gentlemen Trio.

#2 Gentri-The Gentlemen Trio.

This video from Gentri's 'O Holy Night' is...moving. Coupled with the amazing music provided by the three gentlemen, the video gently reminds you of something you have long forgotten.

Gentri, popularly known as the 'talented trio of "gentlemen" tenors' use those amazing voices to lure you into the holiday spirit. Watch the video and see for yourself!

#1 A look

'Eyes are the windows to one's soul.'

And that's how it starts, a family passes by a homeless man. But the father can't get his mind off him. And that begins a chain of reactions that changes the family's lives forever. The video is beautiful,mysterious and heartwarming. Watch it!

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