A Blind Man Drew Sketches Of What He Thinks Things Look Like. The Results Are Fascinating!

How incredible is it to witness a blind man's perception! Watch out!

#3 Can A Blind Man Draw?

#3 Can A Blind Man Draw?

Well, you should too spare a thought to see how well can a blind man draw! Tommy Edison, a man who is blind since birth decides to put this thought to rest and took by himself to sketch the world through his lens!

He draws certain common things the way it "appears" to him..I must admit that even after having the perfect vision, I cannot draw anything closer to what he does


#2 His touch is his perception

#2 His touch is his perception

Edison, being blind since birth, has never experienced vision, but still he manages to draw! Certainly, he says that he uses his Blind's eye to do that. It is only through the physical touch that he renders the appearance of any object

So, the most advancing challenge was to draw a 3D object on a 2D paper! I bet, most of us will fail to draw that accurately which he does

Catch the glimpse of all his sketches in the video. It is a must-watch

#1 It Is Really Beautiful!

The very first thing that he attempts to draw is a cat and I must tell you, he draws the quadruped animal quite correctly!

Though, since by no means he can visualize the picture aptly, certain lines in the picture are not connected, but by all means the picture is close enough

The added sense of humor and extremely witty responses makes the video even more enticing! Catch it here..

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