5 Most Memorable Human Interaction Ever Experienced By A Person, But The Other Person Has Forgotten

Beautiful tales!

#5 Clean

The person was a college student when a fellow friend passed away. At the funeral, instead of sitting next to friends, the person stood next to his professor who was standing alone since there were no seats. When the person started crying during the service, the professor got flustered and actually handed the person a tissue from his pocket and promised it was clean. It was the most emotional moment ever shared by the person with another person. The professor probably doesn't remember.


#4 Joke

This person recalls a oddly great interaction he had just a few months ago. He was going to watch the movies with his girlfriend and when he entered the mall with a smirk on his face and when he rounded the corner he came face to face with a lady who looked like she was experiencing the same thing. He says,"Our eyes locked and we both exploded into actual, genuine corny-ass laughter. Like we both were in on some great joke. No words were exchanged. Just eye contact and goofy cacklin'."


#3 Kind

Mother and 2 kids decide to go to a free event. They even pack their own lunch they can't afford anything else. Once they get there they find out it's actually a $6 entry fee. Since they can't afford it, they turn around to leave. The mother is on the verge of tears and angry at herself for not being able to take the kids to the event when the gate person let them in. She still cried...for the kindness.


#2 Hug

This one's about a cop who's working the night shift decides to get some food on the go from Wendy's since he has no time for a meal. The officer says," I was standing in line and feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and there's a sweet looking little old man standing there. He smiles and says "You be careful out there young man." and then gave me a hug. It made my whole week and I've never forgotten it."


#1 Thumbs up

Dude gave a thumbs up to Kobe Bryant from a distance. He gave him a thumbs up back.


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