13-Year-Old Wanted To Run Away From Home, Calls The Officer And What The Officer Came To Know Broke His Heart..

When the officer gets a distress call that this 13 years old wanted to run away from home, what he sees in his home almost reduced him to tears.

#3 The Call Wasn't Usual Enough.

#3 The Call Wasn't Usual Enough.

We all face a crisis in life at some point in time, be it financial or emotional. But only few can cope up with such situations smoothly and come out well. Simons' were having a tough time too.

Being a family problem, they all expect kids to keep away from this chaos but Cameron, the youngest member, wasn't happy with the decision. Something troubled him and he'd decided to run away from home.

But before taking this major step he rang up officer Gaetano Acerra, Sumter police department in South Carolina. The officer might have received many saddening calls till now but this was totally disheartening.

On further investigating, he understood that Cameron was depressed and the reason that he gave did not convince him much, and so he moved on to know the real reason behind it.

#2 Damsel In Distress.

#2 Damsel In Distress.

Gaetano visited Cameron and asked him to show his home. Following his steps, the officer went to his room and what he sees there pinched his heart. The young boy's clothes were dumped in a trash bag on the floor, no bed for the kid to sleep.

He'd learned that the reason for running from home was not his mother's yelling but the crisis. The bad phase had struck them harder than their abilities. Cameron's mother had to move from Texas to South Carolina to look after a relative who was seriously ill.

These scenes moved Acerra and he'd decided to go beyond his official duty and help them out. You gotta see what he means to the family now. Go ahead to find out.

#1 Much Respect!

The officer had made his mind , he'd be a Samaritan instead of an Officer. He'd contributed the next few weeks for getting all the essentials and daily requirements for the Simons. The little boy, who had wished to run away from home, and his elder brother gets a bedroom set to live. Apart from these, he got a new desk and chair, a television and a brand new WII game system whereas his brother gets an air hockey table to play with his baby brother.

The story went viral in a blink of an eye and seeing the kindness of the officer, many people stepped forward to help the Simons.

Check out full video below of the Simons and their Samaritan underneath.

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