Why You Need To Stop Putting Toilet Paper Down On Public Toilet Seats Immediately


#3 Health Conscious

#3 Health Conscious

People generally have an unusual fear of using public restrooms! There are instances where people feel even nervous and conscious of using the restrooms that are accessible to almost everyone

Filthy toilets, unpleasant odor and grimy floors makes it difficult to relieve oneself in those small cube sized washrooms, hence people end up using toilet paper to clean them a bit!




Whenever you're forced to use a public restroom because of an extremely urgent natural call that you dare not miss, you tend to pull out some toilet papers and lay it on the toilet seat to protect yourself from the bacteria, ain't it?

However, you'll be pretty much shocked to know that those toilet papers are not the regular toilet papers!

The real germs are not on the toilet seat but on the toilet paper! Want to know how? Keep reading!

#1 This is pretty informational

#1 This is pretty informational

The toilet seats are specially designed to shoo away the bacteria, so instead of innumerable uses, the toilet seat has a self-cleaning property, unlike that of toilet paper!

In fact, every other thing in the public restroom from the hand dryer to the sink, is the seat to numerous bacteria, but the toilet seat is SAFE

So, next time when you make a visit to one of those public washrooms, make sure not to pull off those white papers!

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