Why Doctors Want You to Avoid Flip-Flops This Summer.

Sadly,most of us don't give a second thought to the dangers of wearing of flip-flops.

There are certain signs that the season is changing. Just when the groundhog sees his shadow, spring is lurking around. Similarly, the onset of summer is notified once, all the flip-flops start making an appearance.

Cheap and also, the best way to flaunt your fancy pedicure. But just like us, you will be surprised to hear what the doctors have to say about our beloved flip-flops.

To put an end to your curiosity regarding the harmful effects of flip-flops, the name itself suggests something is not right. The fact that these are inexpensive must ring a bell.

The cushioning required for our tender feet is missing in these cheap footwears. Also, not to forget there is no real arch support. They say we might as well walk bare feet than put our feet through the immense pressure and hurt ourselves.

You might find it hard to believe but these flimsy footwears are also responsible for staph! You read it right! These are bacteria magnets and attract all varieties of bacterias including E-coli and Fecal bacteria.These stick to the sole of your flip-flops.

As per the research by David Kinney, PhD., who experimented by testing a pair of flip-flops which were worn for four days straight on New York City streets. The conclusion said that this footwear attracted around 18,000 bacteria. Of which, we might need only one to be really sick.

Imagine these bacteria making way into your body due to some cuts on your foot and that would have some nasty effects on you and the worst of them all- it could cause death.

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Another fascinating revelation was that a lot of these bacteria found on the flip-flops was that they were the same as the bacteria found in our mouth.The reason being people spitting onto the ground and you then stepping on it.Not to gross you out but, what if that someone is really sick?

There are pretty other reasons why you need to bid goodbye to your flip-flops. Starting with -they are only going to make bunions worse for you. They are made from cheap, harmful materials. They can give you awful blisters. You are at a higher chance of hurting your heels due to the unwanted force.

Also, the biomechanics when it comes to these flip-flops can be really bad for your posture. Flat-footed people need to specially stay away from these because they don't provide arch support and this can lead to excruciating pains in hips and lower back.

Watch this video for elaborate details as to why you need to ditch your flip-flops.

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