This Tennessee woman is all over the Internet for her soar throat. Check it out!

I'll pray for this girl.

You never know when life hits you hard. Recently, a story of a Tennessee woman is going viral for a reason that might teach you a lesson for life. Shelby Smith, a 27-year-old Tennessee woman is all over the Internet now. Shelby had a sore throat and she never thought it would lead her into the hospital. Strange, eh? Read more!

Shelby Smith had complained of an annoying tickle at the back of her throat for a few weeks and taking it to be a simple sour throat thing, Smith ignored it and this costs her almost her life.

She recalls that she suddenly started shaking and convulsing and her lips started turning blue and she felt her eyes rolling to the back of her head. An ambulance was called and according to Smith, there was a pretty good chance that she could have died.

It was all because Smith had a rare form of strep throat infection that is highly aggressive. According to Dr Jeffry King, who was treating Shelby, it is hard to detect and even harder to treat. He also added that such cases are one out hundred in the US.

Sepsis was what Shelby went through. It is the result of an infection and causes drastic changes in the body. It can be very dangerous and potentially life-threatening. It occurs when chemicals that fight infections by triggering inflammatory reactions are released into the bloodstream.

It is even said that inflammation resulting from sepsis can cause tiny blood clots to form which can block oxygen and nutrients from reaching vital organs.

This occurs most often in older adults or those with weakened immune system. Hypothermia, fast heart rate, high fever of 36-degree celsius and rapid breathing ( 20 breathing per minute).

Continue ahead to know how she fought through this and how is she doing lately.

Smith was directed to the hospital and put into the medically induced coma for a week while she was treated. The medicine too came at a high cost. She shares that when she woke up from her treatment, it was no less than a horrifying dream. However, as her organs were deprived of blood as required, her toes and fingers turned black. The result of which was four fingers on her right hand and two toes on her left foot had to be amputated.

Jeffry said that it was really hard to detect what was attacking her. Shelby's husband, Weinzierl said that they will never forget this horrifying month of their life. The couple had no insurance and so their medical bills are now piling up and they have started a fund page too.

A similar story of a man from Michigan made Shelby realise that she has the Almighty's blessings with her as the man will have a quadruple amputation.

Shelby too stated that she'll be out to be a new normal again! Prayers and blessings to you Shelby!

And to the ones reading out, never ever ignore even the slightest of your health issues. You never know what might cost you even your life!

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