This 3 Day Detox Plan Is All You Need To Lose Weight!

Follow this detox plan that'll help you in your struggle against your weight. Thank us later...

#3 Sugar

#3 Sugar

Every intelligent person in this world knows the harmful effect of excessive sugar in our body. The main purpose of sugar is to give us instant energy but that is exactly what makes it so harmful for our body as well.

If the body doesn't need to produce any energy at the moment, it converts the excess sugar into fat that eventually increases the sugar level in our blood.

Follow our 3 day Detox plan and you'll not have to worry about sugar level in your body any more.

#2 Detox Diet

#2 Detox Diet

Follow this diet and you'll be as healthy as it can get.

Day 1

-Breakfast: Three scrambled eggs with a cup of oats, almonds or berries.
-Snack: A small bowl of nuts.
-Lunch: A small serving of turnips, carrots, butter nut squash, beet, beans along with poached chicken breast.
-Dinner: Boiled fish, green beans, mushrooms and broccoli.

Day 2

-Breakfast: Three scrambled eggs with a cup of oats, almonds or berries.
-Snack: A small bowl of nuts.
-Lunch: Zucchini with yellow and red peppers with lemon dressing, thyme and vinegar, or a red or green shredded cabbage salad and carrots, and lemon juice and chopped parsley. -Dinner: Steamed vegetables or bok choy with baked cod, bean soup, vegetable casserole, roasted turnips and Brussels sprouts.

Keep reading ahead to see the diet for the 3rd day and the beverages you are allowed to have during this period.

#1 Beverages As Well

#1 Beverages As Well

The diet plan for 3rd day is,

Day 3

-Breakfast: Three fried eggs with a cup of oats, almonds or berries along with walnut salad and shrimp.
-Snack: A small bowl of nuts.
-Lunch: Roasted chicken with black olives, thyme and onion or roasted chicken thighs with lemon and rosemary.
-Dinner: Vegetable broth with garlic, onion, bay leaves, carrots and thyme with mushroom heads or penne pasta with basil, mushroom and tomato sauce.

The beverages that you are allowed to have,

-Detox water: Grab some blueberries, grapes, oranges or strawberries and chop them up. You can add mint for added flavour and then mix them in a jar filled with water. Keep this jar in the fridge, and drink every day.

-Tea: You can drink green or herbal tea as many times as you want, but it must be without sugar. Try to drink it at least thrice every day.

-Coffee: You can drink only one cup of black coffee every day, and no sugar must be added.

Follow this plan and stay healthy.

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