The Ginger Treatment Trick That Will Cure Bad Cough In One Night!

Very effective especially when it comes to children!Must read for every parent!

#3 Dealing with coughs...

#3 Dealing with coughs...

Come the rainy or winter season, also comes the cough. While everyone-young and old are susceptible to it, the children are the ones who get affected by it the most. Mostly due to their still developing immune system.

While coughs themselves are not harmful...

It could be quite painstaking to watch someone go through the ordeal, especially if its a child.

Coughs are the natural means through which the body tried to get rid of the accumulated mucus or phlegm in the lungs.

While the most popular method of treating these coughs is with cough syrup. The syrups majorly contain dextromethorphan and codeine, which end up making the patient sleepy with side effects like headaches and rapid heartbeat.

And the thing about these cough medicine is that they don't cure the cough but just restrain the symptoms.

Don't worry! We have here the most amazing home remedy alternative that will cure bad cough in one nigh!

Read on to know what it is!

#2 Ginger and honey!

#2 Ginger and honey!

We bring to you one of most effective means of curing bad coughs! The natural way!

Using the most effective means- HONEY & GINGER!

Popular thing about honey is that its used to treat numerous kinds of ailments. We are using honey here because of its ability to soothe colds and its ability to remove the accumulated mucus in the lungs.

Here are the ingredients that you need to make a ginger-honey wrap that will help you with all your cough woes!

1.Coconut oil
Some people prefer to use tin foil for the wrap.

Go to next page to see how to make the remedy!

#1 Here's the recipe!

#1 Here's the recipe!

1.First, mix the honey and the flour into a paste and take care not to touch it as much as possible.
2.Add some coconut oil and some fresh ginger juice and mix it again with a bit of flour.
3.Put the paste on a napkin and wrap it with the help of a gauze.
4.Place the wrap on your back or chest and fasten it with a bandage.
Then it's time to go to best! But remember in case of preparing the remedy for a child, make sure to put it 2 or 3 hours before he/she goes to bed.

Try this remedy and see the magic for yourself! This remedy has no side effects. But a mild reminder that in case of adults it might make you sweat a bit and children with sensitive skin might get skin irritation.

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