The Baby Was Almost Born But Then The Doctor Yells Out For The Dad To Come- With His Camera?!

A one in a million shot for a cause!

#3 Baby

#3 Baby

When a woman gets pregnant with a baby, it is well known that there are two lives on the line- the baby and the mother.

From that very first heartbeat to until after the baby is born, a sort of magic takes place. As parents wait for the arrival of their child, they hope that everything is well and the baby is born safe and healthy.

So imagine yourself in the shoes of this father, who is excited and scared beyond anything as he waits for the birth of his son....but when the doctor yells for him and says this.....

#2 "Hurry up, Dad. Take a picture your baby is a miracle."


The dad, a Reddit user says that all was going smoothly when the doctor yelled at him suddenly asking him to bring a camera, to capture a 'miracle.'

The picture above was the one the doctor wanted the dad to take.

That knot is called a 'true knot.' A true knot is when the umbilical cord gets into a twist like the one above. This knot cuts off all the nutrients, oxygen, and blood that the baby needs to grow at a normal rate whilst maintaining their brain function.

Most fetuses with this condition actually pass away if the condition is not identified soon and treated. Then how did the baby here survive? He wasn't diagnosed earlier...

#1 A miracle

#1 A miracle

The baby's true knot was not a severe one- a miracle in itself. Because of which the baby was able to grow normally and be born healthy.

There are ways to detect a true knot or any other umbilical cord problems, by paying attention to certain things.

"The most common sign of a cord knot is decreased fetal activity after week 37. If the knot occurs during labor, a fetal monitor will detect an abnormal heart rate."

When detected early, the baby can be saved by an emergency c-section. Otherwise, the consequences are devastating...

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