Reason Why Patients Are Wearing This Color-Coded Bracelets In Hospital Is This.

Taking care of a sufferer just got easier.

#3 For The Sake Of Good Health.

#3 For The Sake Of Good Health.

No matter how intense your illness is, the only place that occurs in your mind is a hospital or a clinic. The way you're being treated with much care and pampering let's you recover quite early. But at times it may be a bit troublesome for the doctors and nurses to recall the ailments of all the patients admitted to their hospital.

#2 An Innovative Move.

#2 An Innovative Move.

They may track all the records in a computer or something but it's physically impossible to memorize it all, especially for the newer staffs. So the hospital have come up with an amazing yet simple idea.

They have categorised the patients with a specific colored band. Ahead is the brief detail of what it is all about.

#1 Code Unveils.

#1 Code Unveils.

They have different coloured band for different illness. Red, Yellow, Pink, Green and Purple.

Red is for the ones suffering from any sort of allergy,food – nuts, soy, gluten, etc. – to dust or pets to medications.,

Green signifies a particular allergy i.e. of latex.

Yellow is for fall risk. These are usually for elderly patients or those with weaker muscles and are unable to walk without support.

Pink is for “restricted extremity,” which is for the ones with an immense pain in arms or limbs making it immobile.

Purple indicates DNR— “do not resuscitate.” This is for those who have given up on life and need more concern.

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