Ever Heard That Smoking When Pregnant Is Bad? Well It Is. And There's Scientific Proof Now.

Don't do it for yourself, do it for the baby growing inside you!

#5 It's not a myth!

#5 It's not a myth!

There's a lot of myths, to-do's and not-to-do's surrounding pregnancies.

And one of the popular things you hear when you are pregnant is not to smoke.

More often than not, many people debunk the advice and continue smoking.

This article is for people just like that and will serve as a warning to those who might follow.

A group of scientists from UK published their findings and supporting ultrasound evidences in hopes of bring more awareness to the issue.

#4 Picture evidences

#4 Picture evidences

The ultrasound images released by the researchers clearly show the apparent effects of the mother's smoking has on the baby growing inside her womb.

The researchers sincerely hope that the ultrasounds will stop expectant mothers from smoking.

One look and you will realize that the results of smoking, during pregnancy, brought to light in this study is heartbreaking and shocking indeed.

#3 Two worlds

#3 Two worlds

See the ultrasound images above?

There are two babies here(one on the left hand side and the other on the right hand side). They are of the same age, perfectly identical in all aspects. Except for one thing...

I will let you take a guess as to what is wrong. And which baby is in distress.....

#2 The reason for difference is..

#2 The reason for difference is..

A mother. And the fact that she's smoking.

The baby in the first picture is under stress because the mother is smoking. It is heartbreaking to watch this new life struggle so hard due to no fault of its.

The baby below it is perfectly normal, meaning the mother is not smoking.

See? Do you want to smoke even after seeing this?

Whether it's passive or active smoking, keep in mind that your body is not just yours and there's a life growing inside you.

#1 Smoking is BAD!

#1 Smoking is BAD!

It's not news to us that smoking is bad in general itself.

But that hasn't stopped us from doing it..

STOP SMOKING. Not for yourself but for that little person growing inside your womb who will suffer the consequences of YOUR smoking.

Let their future start bright.

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