Did You Know The Effects Of Drinking Water Right After You Wake Up ?

Try this for a healthier and longer life!

#3 First Thing In The Morning.

#3 First Thing In The Morning.

Health is wealth, we've all learned this since our childhood, right ? But how many of us take this seriously and work on our health that intensely ? Rare.

Among all the health aspects, heart need more attention. One of the most sofesticated organ. In Japan, people drink water just as they wake up. Examining why they do this, even science says to follow this regime for a healthier life ahead.

Read ahead what it does to your body.

#2 Stay Off These Illness.

#2 Stay Off These Illness.

It has been proven that drinking water as first thing in the morning may help you do away with diseases like headache, body aches, heart system, accelerated heart beat, epilepsy, blood fat, bronchitis, asthma, TB, meningitis, kidney disease and urinary tract, vomiting, gastritis, diarrhea, piles, diabetes, constipation, all eye diseases, diseases of the uterus, menstrual disorders, diseases of the ear, nose and throat.

Next is the method and what effects it has on different people who are may have some other ailments as well.

#1 Do It This Way.

#1 Do It This Way.

As soon as you get up from a good night's sleep, drink 160ml (640 ml) of water before brushing and then for the next 45 minutes after brushing, do not consume any meal or drink anything. If you are unwell or old, start with a little and then exceed the amount until you reach 640ml's target.After breakfast,lunch and dinner, do not eat for the next two years.

It may take some time if you are already having any sort illness. Like high blood pressure may take 30 days time, gastritis 10 days, diabetes 30 days, constipation 10 days and TB 90 days.

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