Ever Wondered Coconut Oil as an Essential Remedy for THIS Treatment? Check this out!

Lauric Acid inside coconut oil is cancer's fighting remedy

Cancer is surely not a common disease, but a dangerous one. Several types of cancer that you have already heard of are Mouth Cancer, Throat Cancer, Breast Cancer, and Colon Cancer and so on. Another form of cancer which is the most frequent one is Colorectal Cancer.

Every year in the United States, around 95,000 cases are diagnosed with colon cancer, whereas, new cases of rectal cancer are estimated to be 40,000. Despite the painful chemotherapy sessions, surgeries and other conventional treatments, a large number of patients die of this disease.

Looking at the rising rate of cancer dying patients, American Scientists made an experiment in the Cancer Research Journal at the University of Adelaide that coconut oil which contains lauric acid is an essential treatment for killing cancer properties.

Despite this low-cost treatment available for this cancer treatment, the reason many pharmaceutical companies do not show their interest is simply because of profit factor. With the availability of such cost-effective treatment available for colorectal cancer, pharmaceutical companies will not be able to sell their own expensive products

Continue ahead to know how this simple ingredient can create magic..

The study made in the Cancer Research Journal at the University of Adelaide has proved that the lauric acid contained in the coconut oil has the capacity to terminate 90% of the cancer cells in a patient. During the study, the experiment was actually performed in a petri dish rather than testing on any living organism.

It is simply not the case that coconut oil is only essential against cancer, but for other diseases like Gallbladder infections, Alzheimer’s chronic illness, and osteoporosis and for hepatitis C as well, it is equally useful. In addition, coconut oil also proves as a great remedy for skin blemishes and also makes your hairs looks shiny and silky.

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