Apparently This Is What Happens When You Urinate Under The Shower

No doctor ever tells you the benefits of urinating under your shower. Take a look...

#3 Peeing Under The Shower

#3 Peeing Under The Shower

You can either admit the fact that you pee while having a shower or lie about it by saying that you don't! Whichever category you belong to, it is important for you to know the BENEFITS of Urinating under the shower.

Less Wastage Of Water

Just so that you know, by peeing in your shower, you save 27% of water flow as you don't need to flush after urination.

#2 Helps In Disinfecting Wounds

#2 Helps In Disinfecting Wounds

Your pee also helps you in disinfecting the wounds on your body. A fresh cut can be treated with your own urine. So it obviously helps your lower body when you pee in shower.

Keep reading ahead to know more such facts about Peeing under the shower.

#1 Proper Skin Care

#1 Proper Skin Care

Urine is excellent for healing eczema and skin rashes. In fact, you can find it in tons of skin care products as well. At the same time, it also destroys fungus that generally accumulates on your feet.

So all in all, your urine is much more useful than you ever thought it to be, right?

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