A Shocking Case of Child's Severe Illness Because of a Shopping Cart

For Vivienne Wardrop,it started out as a quick trip to the grocery store with her 10-month-old son, but then something happened. Just 24 hours after their grocery store trip, her son Logan fell ill and was rushed to the local hospital. For more than a week, the boy battled several illness.

The last trip to the grocery store for Vivienne Wardrop, a mother of a 10-months old son, was quite disturbing when her little son fell ill for the next 10 days.

Logan a 10-month old boy who accompanied her mother Vivienne to the grocery store turned severely ill after 24 hours of coming back home. The reason of his illness was unbelievable.

Just 24 hours after the trip to grocery store, the child suffered from prolonged vomiting and high fever and was further battled with meningitis. Logan’s mother was in no mood to take any chance and took him to the hospital for further diagnosis, where he spent 8 days in an intensive care unit.

During his stay in the hospital, Logan fought hard for his life, when he was found suffering from adenovirus, rotavirus, salmonella and meningitis.

In the later part, Vivienne made a strong appeal while she founds the reason behind her little baby's illness.

The main reason for the severe illness of Logan was the lack of hygiene in the shopping cart that causes meningitis. According to the Centre for Disease Control, meningitis in children has few common symptoms like fever, headache, neck stiffness, irritation, lack of appetite or inactivity.

After witnessing such a horrific incident with her own son Logan, Vivienne made a strong appeal to the parents as not to make their child sit on the filthy shopping cart that can cause severe diseases. She also made an appeal to the groceries stores for proper sanitization of carts.

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