Watch This Grandma Dance Like A Pro To ICE ICE BABY!

Go Grandma, Go!Show them how it's done!......Something to brighten your day today! Enjoy!

#3 Grandparents

#3 Grandparents

Grandparents are an essential part of growing up. They somehow seem to have figured it all out and are not reluctant to share their worldly knowledge(albeit sometimes they share TOO much).

Grandparents are one of the best things about everyone's childhood. Whether its the stories they tell us or the treats we look forward to tasting every time we are at granny's.... Grandparents are truly the best!

I bet your granny can't do this though!

#2 Typical Scenario

#2 Typical Scenario

The video starts out pretty much normal. Granny in the kitchen preparing one of her delicacies. Family in the living room watching the TV. But then....on comes "Ice Ice Baby"- a classic rap song by 90s Hip Hip legend Vanilla Ice. And grandma....

Grandma begins an epic dance routine that you will never forget!

Read on and watch the video!

#1 Better moves than you or I!

It starts with a simple sway of the hips...a left and a right...then it becomes a full all out dance routine that you or I could never do if our lives depended on it!

Her grandkid's reaction mirrors ours as we watch her take the kitchen floor and quite honestly kill it....

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