This Hilarious Video Of A Man Taking Care Of His Drunk Girlfriend Will Leave You Rolling On The Floor Laughing.

Elizabeth! NO, ELIZABETH!

#3 Drunken Nights.

#3 Drunken Nights.

Weekends call for late night parties covering all those booze stories, forgetting about all the shits and craps torturing your peace of mind and dancing away those hard times. Isn't it? What fun it is.

Before you imagine your times of being wasted and doing the craziest stunts ever, take a look at this story of a caring boyfriend looking after his girlfriend whose too high to be left alone.

Elizabeth is juggling around the house as she is unable to fit in her black dress and then reaches for the most complicated pair of shoes she could get her hands on.

But this guy shoots his girl while looking after her. Watch her doing all the weird stuff ahead.

#2 Her Penguin Walk.

#2 Her Penguin Walk.

Once she's ready to hit the party, she refuses to get in the car which her oh-so-caring boyfriend is driving. But he never gave up and somehow managed to get her in the car. But Elizabeth is one big hungry beast, gobbling all the chips at a time. Her obsession turns into insecurity when her boyfriend asks her to do away with those packets of chips and, oh freak! she has those packets up in the dress between the thighs.

Her boy is totally embarrassed seeing her walk like a penguin but Elizabeth is least affected with his words, beer can make you do anything and everything, I tell you.

Hey! wait. Her tantrums and weirdness isn't over yet.

#1 She Be The Strongest.

This guy is running after Elizabeth like anything stopping her from doing stupid acts but Elizabeth won't give all her ears to him. No. Not at all. She now lives in her own mad world. Jumping in a pool of balls, playing for pennies and look what she does, beating the Hulk in push-ups. You go girl!

Damn it! Elizabeth is missing.

Oh! Not really, he got her. She's in men's restroom. Poor Elizabeth!

Watch the video to find out her last but not the least creepiest action.

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