This Girl Has Her Mom Pack Her Lunch And Ends Up With The Most Outrageous Things Like This one!

This Girl Has Her Mom Pack Her Lunch And Ends Up With The Most Outrageous Things Like This one! okay?

#3 Meet Mckenzie Strange

Mckenzie has her mom still packing lunches for her while she's concentrating on much worldlier tasks like nailing perfect selfies.

And she recently tweeted a picture of what her mom packed for lunch which went viral.

Mckenzie says her mom's eyesight isn't that great but can be corrected if only her mom wore her glasses! But apparently she doesn't and poor Mckenzie would end up with the most weird things for lunch. Like a red onion instead of an apple weird.

#2 This is what she got...

#2 This is what she got...

Yup, that's right Mckenzie's mom packed her one hell of a drink- a Four Loko.

What's even more cute is the mom's reply!

On asking if Mckenzie isn't a bit too old to have her mom still packing lunches for her, this is what she had to say-"I'm just blessed to have a great mom that does lots for me."

#1 This what her mom had to say!

How to convince your roommate to go out tonight

A photo posted by Four Loko (@fourloko) on

When Mckenzie texted her mom about the 'super drink', her mom couldn't believe what had happened. Her mom confessed that she was half asleep when she was packing the lunch and though it was a Peace Tea.

Her mom's final verdict on the whole situation?

'I need to get a cup of coffee before I try and pack lunches from now on.'

P.S for those of you who don't know what a Four Loko is- it's a caffeine/alcohol mash up from hell(?!).

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